Uninterruptible power supplies

NSP LLC is an authorized company and service center of APC by Schneider Electric in Kyrgyzstan. The company has engineers who have undergone intensive training at the Moscow ARS Center. Our engineer certifications provide the ability to install and maintain UPS Battery Backed Power Protection Systems for environments ranging from single computers to data centers and custom industrial UPS systems to fully meet customer requirements. The range of products offered completely covers all categories of power. NSP LLC promotes both small uninterruptible power supplies of low power from 500 W to 1500 W, and UPS of medium and higher power from 1500 W and up to 1600 kW with scalability. Uninterruptible Power Supplies for PCs and workstations of the Back-UPS ES series , Back-UPS CS, Back-UPS RS, Back-UPS HS. Cost-effective battery backup and power protection devices for home and office computers provide the best value for money to protect your business and office computer systems. UPS for network devices and servers of the Smart-UPS, Smart-UPS SC, Smart-UPS XL series, Smart-UPS RT, Symmetra, Symmetra LX - provide high-quality, efficient, high-performance power protection with redundancy, providing scaling power and battery life for servers, telephone and computer networks. UPS for data centers and entire facilities of the Smart-UPS VT series, Symmetra PX, Silcon, Symmetra MW, MGE Galaxy, MGE Comet provide guaranteed power protection for small and large data centers. NSP, being an authorized representative of the manufacturer, also provides service for the products offered and maintains the necessary tools and a warehouse of spare parts.

Generator sets

NSP LLC is an authorized company and service center in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan from the French generator manufacturer SDMOIndustries. Generating Units The company has engineers who have undergone intensive training at the SDMO plant in Brest, France. Engineer certificates give the right to install and maintain level 1 and 2, which fully meets the requirements of customers in the three republics. The range of products offered completely covers all categories of power. NSP LLC promotes both portable low-power generators from 900 W to 12 kW, and stationary generating stations from 6 kW to 3000 kW with the possibility of unlimited synchronization of several generators into a single power plant. Portable generators operate on all types of fuel (natural gas, diesel fuel, gasoline) and can be connected to the existing consumer network through a regular outlet or automatic transfer switch to fully automate the operation of the generator when the electricity in the central network is turned on or off. Generators of this category are built on Japanese (Honda, Mitsubishi, Yanmar), German (Hatz) or American (Kohler) engines with a service life of 3000 hours or more. Generating blocks from the leaders in the production of alternators LeroySomer and MeccAlte. Portable generators, at the request of users, can be provided in noise-proof enclosures for operation in urban conditions. Stationary generators can also run on diesel fuel, gasoline or gas. Generators can be integrated into the existing power grid using an automatic transfer switch with a programmable unit for monitoring the quality of electricity in the network. Generating stations are built on Japanese (Mitsubishi), American (JohnDeere), German (MTU, Mercedes), Swedish (Volvo) engines, etc. production. Generating blocks from the leaders in the production of alternators LeroySomer and MeccAlte. Generators of this category can be supplied both in open design and in all-weather, noise-proof enclosures. The NSP company also provides special versions of generators in vandal-proof containers. SDMO stationary generators can be unlimitedly synchronized into a single power plant with options for remote monitoring, control and management via the Internet or GSM modem. Programmable control panels allow offline generator testing according to a preset schedule. NSP also provides welding generators and water pumps from SDMO Industries. This equipment is designed for intensive use in difficult conditions. The NSP company, being an authorized representative of the manufacturer, also provides service for the products offered and maintains the necessary tools and a warehouse of spare parts.

Schneider Electric equipment

A long-term partnership with a leading European manufacturer of a wide range of equipment for energy management systems has allowed NSP to take an active position in the energy sector. Within this area, qualified engineers of the company, who have all the necessary approvals and certificates, audit existing energy systems, prepare technical assignments and specifications. All necessary activities for the design, implementation and maintenance of power systems are carried out comprehensively, including on-site training of technical personnel. This approach allows our company to effectively and quickly solve all the tasks assigned to it. The energy management strategy implemented by Schneider Electric is based on a simple principle: “the efficient use of energy resources is not only safer for the environment, but also more economically profitable.” Based on this partner policy, NSP offers solutions based on European quality equipment that fully complies with all international norms and standards. According to the analytical company ARC, which prepared the report “World market for software and services in the HMI segment: market analysis and forecast to 2015", Schneider Electric, one of the world leaders in the field of energy management, rose to second place among the world's suppliers of products and services in the HMI (human-machine interface) segment. Schneider Electric has captured about 20% of the global HMI market, increasing its share by more than 4% compared to 2009, when the company was ranked third among the leading HMI solution providers. The study looked at the following Schneider Electric products: Vijeo Citect, CitectSCADA, PowerLogic SCADA, ClearSCADA and other SCADA systems. Services included professional services and after-sales services (such as educational services and optimization assistance). The report's authors note: “Schneider Electric has become the world's second-largest company in HMI product sales and services. At the same time, the company is a global leader in providing services. Schneider Electric has aggressively promoted energy management solutions, offering a range of technologies, products and services to best meet customer needs. Schneider Electric has moved from providing products to providing complete solutions. As a result of this transition, services have become a key component of the complete Schneider Electric offering.” Since 2012, NSP has collaborated with Schneider Electric on several energy efficiency projects. The implementation of these projects will allow Customers to dramatically reduce electricity losses, reduce the cost of servicing energy systems, and also ensure their safe operation.

Data Storage Systems

NSP is a partner of EMC, a leader in providing universal information solutions for storage, backup, protection and data management, which include: Systems - a wide range of platforms and technologies for multi-tier storage systems. This provides a full range of options for performance, scalability, functionality and connectivity. Software - a wide and reliable line of software products to solve such problems in the field of information infrastructures as: archiving, backup and recovery, ensuring business continuity and availability, collective operations, content management, data mobility and migration, resource management and virtualization. Services - plan, build and implement your information infrastructure, including comprehensive consulting, implementation and integration services, on-site operational support, and industry-leading training and technical support support. Solutions - a special set of products and services from among our own offers and those of partners, reflecting the diversity of specific situations. EMC solutions help solve problems that customers face in a variety of industries, work situations, and enterprise sizes.

Fujitsu Servers

NSP, together with Fujitsu, provides Dynamic Data Center solutions Dynamic Data Center Concept In a dynamic data center, any service can run on any system. Services can be redistributed between systems very quickly. The first step to create a dynamic data center is to eliminate the rigid binding of services to specific hardware platforms - virtualization. All hardware resources (servers and storage systems) are grouped into a single pool, from which they can be flexibly allocated as needed. The functioning of virtual and physical resources is almost completely automated. In case of failure of any resource or its insufficient capacity or volume, corrective actions are initiated automatically: this is automation. Resources are automatically distributed between services based on predefined rules. These rules are based on specific business processes and agreements with resource users. These are specified in service level agreements. NSP Ltd Strategy - The Path to Dynamic Data Centers IT decision makers are faced with problems similar to trying to find the square of a circle! Their internal customers demand rapid integration of information technology into production processes, error-free operation and optimal support. At the same time, due to high costs, IT departments are constantly under the control of company management, and this hinders the expansion of IT services. The call to cut costs is the demand of the day. The only way to achieve this is to take a different path. By moving to dynamic data centers (Dynamic Data Center, DDC). Dynamic IT infrastructure (Dynamic IT) Data center - the path from costing center to strategic resource The ability to delimit service levels and then dynamically manage resource allocation to meet high demands, assign priorities processes in real time and in the blink of an eye, introducing new services with the right infrastructure whenever the business demands it is no longer the ultimate dream of IT managers... all these possibilities are made possible thanks to a dynamic IT infrastructure. Join our discussion, ask the experts your questions and learn how you can speed up the deployment of new services while simplifying operations. Flexibility is more important than ever - the ability to respond adequately to new challenges remains one of the most important tasks of any company, employed in the information technology industry. On servers running the Windows operating system, these problems are solved using Dynamic IT Infrastructure for Microsoft - a solution that allocates resources to applications exactly when they are needed. Consolidation of server resources helps cope with peak loads. About Fujitsu Technology Solutions: Fujitsu Technology Solutions is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions in the region, which includes Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. The company is able to satisfy the needs of various customers: large corporations, small companies and medium-sized businesses, as well as private users. The strategic direction of Fujitsu is the development of dynamic infrastructures; the company offers a wide range of IT products, solutions and services - from personal workstations to solutions for data centers and IT infrastructure management services. The company employs more than 10,000 people. Fujitsu Technology Solutions is part of the global Fujitsu Group. Fujitsu Group supplies IT solutions to more than 70 countries and employs more than 170,000 people. The headquarters of the Fujitsu group is located in Tokyo. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2010, the company's consolidated turnover was 4.6 trillion yen ($50 billion).


3CX Phone System Offers Unified Communications - Easy and Efficient 3CX's innovative technology offers users intuitive Unified Communications without the complexity! 3CX provides users with a complete set of Unified Communications capabilities to meet all their needs, from colleague presence status to instant messaging and web conferencing, making 3CX the ideal solution! NSP, as a 3CX partner, helps companies through advanced solutions to: Ensure collaborative work even across different workspaces: advanced collaboration tools enable you to create high-quality, adaptable, secure workspaces across your organization. When colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers are empowered to communicate more effectively, organizations can quickly adapt to changes in the market to create a competitive advantage. Accelerate decision-making: advanced unified communications capabilities such as subscriber status monitoring, instant messaging and multimedia services , ensure that information reaches its target immediately. This significantly improves productivity for end users and the entire enterprise. Drive innovation across the value chain: Embedding unified communications capabilities into business applications allows organizations to transform business processes and achieve new levels of customer satisfaction and new levels of innovation. Ensure integration with other industry leaders applications: Unify your enterprise communications with 3CX PBX for Windows - an IP PBX that completely replaces legacy analog PBX, supporting standard software and hardware SIP phones, VoIP services and traditional telephone lines (PSTN). The cost of a PBX from 3CX is much less than a traditional analog PBX and you can also significantly reduce the cost of telephone calls by connecting to a VOIP service provider. The control interface of the software IP PBX is accessible via the Internet, which ensures ease of management. With 3CX PBX, there is no need for phone lines, allowing users to easily work remotely. 3CX Phone System is an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior capabilities and flexibility through a much easier to install and manage web interface. Software-based IP PBXs are significantly cheaper than hardware PBXs. Increase productivity by managing internal calls using a control panel on your desktop. No additional wiring required, phones use computer communications. Offers mobility for employees, allowing you to work from home through remote extension. Ability to select IP phones without being tied to equipment manufacturer. Receive and make calls via the PSTN standard using VoIP gateways. Save monthly on telephone costs using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or Skype Connect! With 3CX Phone System you can use your Android or iPhone-based communicator to receive or make office calls from anywhere using WiFI or 3G. You can answer calls through your office phone and transfer calls to colleagues without having to dial an extension number. Communicating via intercom is easy by dialing the extension numbers of colleagues. 3CX will reduce your company mobile communications costs and increase productivity.

Network hardware

NSP offers a range of networking solutions based on CISCO hardware. Cisco has the industry's most extensive portfolio of hardware used to build and provide access to information networks, plus the Cisco IOS operating system (designed to support network services and applications), design expertise and deployment of networks, as well as a system of technical support and professional services for maintaining and optimizing network performance. Cisco is unique in that it is able - alone or together with partners - to provide all of the above resources. Cisco serves customers in three target markets: - Large enterprises, i.e. large organizations with complex networking needs. As a rule, they have many departments where heterogeneous computer systems are installed. This group of customers includes corporations, government agencies, utilities and educational institutions. - Service providers - companies that provide information services, including telecom carriers, Internet access providers, cable companies and wireless carriers. - Small and medium-sized enterprises , needing their own data networks and the means to access the Internet and/or their business partners. Unlike many other technology companies, Cisco does not rigidly choose one technology or force that technology on customers. Cisco's philosophy is to listen carefully to the customer's needs, consider all possible technology alternatives, and provide the customer with a wide range of options to choose from. Cisco designs its products and solutions based on generally accepted industry standards. In some cases, technologies developed by Cisco have themselves become standard. The Network is a Platform Turning the network into a platform changes the entire technology chain and makes the network a focus for innovation. According to some estimates, by 2010 there will be 14 billion devices connected to the Internet. The rapid growth in the number of devices will continue to be driven by the emergence of more services and tasks performed online. These include telephone calls, personalized search services, video downloading, online gaming and other forms of entertainment. The network is becoming more than just infrastructure. It is evolving into a secure platform for delivering personalized services tailored to the needs of the 21st century customer - an operator introducing new services, a large or small enterprise increasing productivity, or an individual user seeking personalized entertainment and real-time services. As the intelligent network evolves into a platform, users have the ability to communicate using any device and communication channel they choose. Cisco is leading the industry toward a “network-centric” environment. By combining its strengths (IP) with intelligent technologies, the company is creating a powerful communications platform that will serve as the foundation for the convergence of data, voice, video and mobile communications in a single, secure, integrated architecture.

Intelligent building

NSP provides smart home solutions of any complexity. The company's engineers were trained in Belgium, Almaty and Perm. The Intelligent Building is a set of engineering and technical solutions and organizational measures aimed at creating a highly efficient, cost-effective Building Management System that best meets the needs of the users and owners of this Intelligent Building. Operational savings, a high level of safety and comfort are what distinguishes an intelligent building from a conventional one. This is achieved primarily through the integration of the main components of the building into a single information and control infrastructure and their interaction on the basis of a single data transmission medium, the basis of which is LAN/WAN , organized according to the principle of structured cable systems. What is the fundamental difference between an “intelligent building” and a conventional building, the engineering systems of which are built according to a traditional scheme? We can say that not only the owner of the building is worried about the state of engineering systems, but also a “correctly” designed building itself “worries” about the state of the systems and the living conditions of its inhabitants, providing them with completely different levels of comfort and safety. The owner of such a building does not waste time monitoring the operation of engineering equipment. This function is performed by automated control systems. They will not only turn on, turn off and adjust the operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and power supply systems, but will also inform the operator about possible problems with the systems and remind them of the need for routine maintenance. In the event of an emergency, they will activate the necessary equipment and notify building occupants of the routes and methods of evacuation. An important difference between modern control systems is simplicity, convenience and great savings on operating costs. For example, the automation of one of the largest business centers in Europe, British Airways in Harmondsworth, with a total project cost of about 302 million euros, allows saving up to 24 million euros annually. Savings are achieved due to more efficient operation of all systems of the building complex, as well as due to an increase in personnel productivity by approximately 20%. Compared to autonomous systems, the integrated system has the following advantages: - significant savings on cable networks and network equipment; - reduced energy consumption and increasing the reliability of the entire system; - increasing the efficiency of facility management; - graphical presentation of information about the state of systems and equipment at various levels (facility, zonal, address); - reducing labor costs of operational and dispatch services; - ensuring the necessary interaction of systems; reducing the likelihood of insured events; - the “openness” of the complex, providing the possibility of its expansion and the use of equipment from different manufacturers. The costs of constructing an intelligent building are higher than for the construction of buildings with a traditional composition of engineering equipment. However, we should not forget that the total cost of a building is the sum of construction costs and operating costs over the entire “life” of the building. The operation of an “average” building in Kyrgyzstan exceeds the cost of construction tens of times. We spend all the money on operation! The formation of an engineering infrastructure such as an intelligent building in a building significantly increases its liquidity. An intelligent building is an effective investment solution that can significantly reduce maintenance and development costs. Such a building meets modern international requirements and is an attractive investment.