Construction of the first commercial data center in Bishkek.

The data processing center (DPC), owned by NSP, is a high-tech and secure space designed for storing and processing data, as well as ensuring the reliability and availability of information systems. This data center has many important systems and equipment that ensure its smooth operation. One of the key systems is the access control and management system, which ensures limited access to the premises only to authorized persons, thus ensuring the security and confidentiality of data. Climate control and refrigeration systems support optimal environmental conditions for server equipment, which prevents overheating and increases its reliability. A security alarm connected to the monitoring station of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic ensures a quick response to possible security incidents, and a video surveillance system serves to monitor and record events in the data center premises. Fire alarm systems alarms and fire suppression ensure that fires are quickly detected and extinguished, reducing the risk of equipment damage and data loss. Guaranteed power supply and grounding ensure uninterrupted operation of the data center even in the event of main power failures and protect against static electrical discharges. It is also important to note that the availability of equipment and fiber optic cables from five major ISP providers makes the data center an attractive location for organizations both from Kyrgyzstan and abroad, which contributes to customer diversity and global collaboration. This data center plays a critical role in ensuring data security and availability for various economic sectors and international companies.

A new look at weather with a solution from PESSL Instruments and Siap+Micros

Self-sufficiency in the agricultural sector is an important issue for any state. New IT technologies in the field of monitoring weather conditions allow us to solve any challenges of changing conditions. NSP has completed and continues to work on projects financed by donors such as UNDP, FAO and the World Bank to install AWS. The goal of these projects is to modernize weather stations for the use of data in agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic. NSP is a certified partner of PESSL Instruments, a developer and manufacturer of weather observation products. The Suusamyr project was carried out in accordance with UNDP requirements. All necessary documents - design, diagram and permits were developed by the company in accordance with the customer’s conditions. The design documentation took into account the difficult conditions of the highlands. NSP used the necessary fastening materials from its own production. The project was completed under difficult conditions and was successfully delivered to the donor according to all requirements and conditions. The FAO project was aimed at installing and commissioning new AWSs in new territories in Kara Balta and Nooken. Additional sensors were installed at the AMS in Nooken. The company's engineers trained local farmers in using the stations. Currently, NSP is implementing a World Bank project to modernize 37 AWSs, inherited from Soviet times. The project includes the supply, installation and commissioning of AWS into a unified hydrometeorological network. The project is being created for Kyrgyzhydromet and is being implemented in a consortium with Siap+Micros, a leader in the production of hydrometeorological equipment.

Gazprom Neft Asia gas stations are prepared for power outages

“Generating sets for Gazprom Neft Asia” In the summer of 2011, NSP won the competition announced by Gazprom Neft Aero for the supply of generating sets for gas stations in Kyrgyzstan. The goal of this project was aimed at ensuring guaranteed and uninterrupted operation of gas stations. That is why generators from the French manufacturer SDMO, proposed by our company, were chosen as the most suitable for achieving this goal. During the spring and summer months, twenty-six generating sets were installed at gas stations in the Chui, Issyk-Kul, Talas regions, and Bishkek. Twenty-three gasoline generators of the Technic 9000 TE and Technic 15000 TE models were installed at gas stations in Bishkek, Issyk-Kul and Talas regions. These installations have distinctive properties, such as automatic reduction of speed after five minutes of idling, which ensures fuel savings. Diesel generators T22K with a capacity of 22 KWA were installed by our specialists in Osh, T44K with a capacity of 44 KWA - in the village. Dmitrovka Chuika region, J66K with a capacity of 66 kW - on the street. Bypass of the Chui region. It is also planned to install a J110K generator with a capacity of 110 KWA in the Suusamyr region, and two J66K generators with a capacity of 66 KWA in the city of Tokmak and the village. Gavrilovka, Chui region. A special feature of SDMO diesel generators is the presence of automatic transfer switch, liquid cooling, crankcase heating, as well as a noise-insulating casing. Qualified energy engineers of our company professionally completed the entire process of connecting generators to electrical networks: from preparing the site, including wiring the cable path from the generator to the distribution networks of gas stations and installing the generator itself, and ending with connecting the automatic transfer switch. The successful completion of this project took place thanks to high-quality service, and in particular the correct selection of power and type of generator in accordance with the technical and production indicators of gas stations, by our specialists. NSP LLC is on the path of active development in this area. Having established ourselves as a reliable partner, in the future we hope to expand the company’s activities within the framework of various projects.

Construction of a 10 kV substation at Manas Airport

“Cells for the distribution of electricity at Manas Airport” In 2010, Manas International Airport, in order to comply with the world standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization, announced a competition for the modernization of distribution devices in the airport complex. The NSP company won the competition due to technical and price indicators . Soon, the process of preparation for the installation of cells of the famous French brand “Schneider Electric” began. This equipment made it possible to evenly distribute the electricity load in the airport complex, taking into account the construction of a new airport complex. In 2010, our specialists reconstructed the premises for the further installation of cells. In the summer of 2011, NSP engineers carried out installation, adjustment, and commissioning of all equipment. In total, 22 cells were installed, of which 2 input cells Schneider Electric SM6 DM1-W, 2 outgoing cable lines to transformers T1 and T2 Schneider Electric SM6 DMV-A, 2 measuring voltage transformers TN No. 1 and TN No. 2 Schneider Electric SM6 CM2, and other cells. Moreover, the NSP company, in collaboration with Schneider Electric, conducted a number of on-site seminars for technical staff of Manas Airport . The purpose of these seminars was to jointly discuss and resolve technical issues between airport employees and NSP specialists. The project was completed successfully thanks to the excellent service of our qualified specialists, as well as due to the ease of installation and operation of high-quality Schneider Electric equipment. The promising future of this project was reflected in the assessment of the project by the chairman of the ESTOP service, M.Zh. Iskakov: “We have only begun the first stage of modernizing the energy infrastructure of the air terminal complex. All equipment was checked at the Schneider Electric plant, as well as for technical compliance with state standards, tested and put into operation. We highly appreciate the cooperation between Schneider Electric and Manas Airport. We hope that this cooperation will continue and look forward to new products from Schneider Electric!”

Project at the HYATT hotel

NSP LLC won an international competitive bidding for the supply of a diesel generator set (diesel generator set) for the four-star Hyatt hotel in Bishkek. Under the terms of the project, the obligations of NSP LLC included: design, supply, installation, commissioning and warranty service of a diesel generator set with a capacity of 1540 KVA manufactured by SDMO (France), in a factory-made container. The project also included the preparation of a concrete site, the preparation of a 10-ton external fuel tank underground, the installation of cable support systems manufactured by OBBO Betterman (Germany). All components were manufactured in accordance with strict European standards. The installation was carried out by specialists from NSP LLC. A generator of such power, for the management of the Hayatt Regency Bishkek hotel, is a new necessary solution to ensure guaranteed power supply to all services, households, electrical consuming units and units of the hotel. The main goal of this solution: TO PROVIDE THE BEST SERVICE TO THE HOTEL GUESTS: Chief Engineer and Specialist Mr. Clinton Dassanyake said: “We are making history with a power of one megawatt.” This project was implemented in the Kyrgyz Republic for the first time. The DGU fully covers all the energy needs of the hotel. It is distinguished by a high level of efficiency, noise insulation and safety. In addition, NSP received an invitation to participate in a project to modernize a 0.4 kVA substation, which includes the supply and installation of cells with Masterpact NW circuit breakers with a current of 3200 A and 1600 A, produced by Schneider Electric Corporation (France). Currently, NSP LLC, while carrying out a project on diesel generator sets, is integrating the Schneider Electric solution into the hotel’s energy infrastructure. NSP specialists plan to automate the operation algorithm of switches using TWIDO controllers. This will allow remote monitoring and control of the state of input switches. Demand for the use of autonomous power plants is constantly increasing in the world. And in the context of the energy crisis in Kyrgyzstan, the use of diesel generators of different capacities is one of the promising areas where NSP LLC offers its services to strengthen the positions of various organizations and companies in matters of energy security. We highly appreciate the trust of our Customer and his desire to implement high standards in serving their customers!

Project to ensure uninterrupted power supply for dimmers at Manas International Airport.

Another project has been completed with the participation of APC by Schneider Electric and its partner NSP LLC at Manas International Airport. The implementation of this project allowed the Customer to rise to a high level in the system of standardization of guaranteed power supply. The main advantages of APC equipment are a standard solution, standard design and the presence of a service center in Kyrgyzstan. Project to ensure uninterrupted power supply of dimmers at Manas International Airport. In the process of working on the project, equipment was selected that fully satisfied all the Customer’s requirements. The choice fell on the APC by Schneider Electric MGE Galaxy 3500 model from 10 kVA to 40 kVA, in the amount of 22 pieces, three-phase type, depending on the power of the runway dimmers. This model has been tested in our electrical networks and is specially designed for industrial use. The high protection class IP 51 of the UPS allows it to be placed in unoccupied areas that do not require constant sanitary maintenance (cleaning). The MGE Galaxy 3500 uses modular batteries. During installation and installation work, OBO Bettermann cable support systems (Germany) were used. Project to ensure uninterrupted power supply for dimmers at Manas International Airport. The next step in the development of the Airport infrastructure is automation: connecting all UPSs into one switch and organizing monitoring of the electrical network. This will allow you to quickly respond to unusual situations and increase the level of aviation security.

Generating units for the Veterinary Service of the Kyrgyz Republic

In 2011, within the framework of a project financed by the World Bank, a tender was awarded for the supply of generating sets for the Veterinary Service of the Kyrgyz Republic. The local agent for this project is the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic. Due to constant power outages throughout the country, veterinary stations are subject to frequent interruptions in the operation of veterinary equipment, in particular refrigeration. In this regard, the issue of ensuring the necessary storage conditions for drugs and vaccines was acute. One of the conditions was a guaranteed power supply, which can be provided with an additional source of electricity. Taking this into account and the general features of the veterinary sector, the NSP company, together with the SDMO company, proposed to the attention of the agricultural project implementation department generator sets of appropriate capacities, differing: - designed for intensive work in difficult conditions; - high-quality compensation of reactive power; - simplicity and reliability in operation. Generating units for the Veterinary Service of the Kyrgyz Republic With an emphasis in its offer on such indicators as price/quality, the NSP company received a contract for the supply, installation and training of the Customer’s personnel. The implementation of this Contract was successfully completed at the end of December 2011. Sixty portable gasoline generators with a capacity of 10 kW were delivered to the regions of Kyrgyzstan, and a large J66 diesel generator was installed and put into operation on the territory of the Veterinary Service of the Kyrgyz Republic in Bishkek. In addition, Fujitsu server equipment was supplied for the Avian Flu Control project and Preparedness and Counteraction to the Pandemic. NSP is confident that all projects of the Ministry of Agriculture aimed at supporting and developing the agricultural, veterinary and livestock sectors are of great national importance. Their successful implementation will contribute to the economic growth and stability of our Republic.

Automation and UPS for the Interglass glass factory

“The Interglass glass factory is a modern enterprise that produces high-quality products of world standard. One of the main tasks of the plant is to provide sheet glass to the countries of the Central Asian region and the cities of Siberia, to expand the product sales market to other countries of the Asian continent.” (Original text on the Interglass plant website). As part of this task, since 2002, Interglass has been systematically modernizing the infrastructure to ensure continuity and fault tolerance of production processes. In 2011, with financial support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Glass Factory held a tender for the supply and installation of equipment for automation and uninterruptible power supply. The NSP company, which has passed all the qualification requirements of the EBRD, entered into a bilateral contract with the Interglass Glass Factory for the supply of an uninterruptible power supply model MGE Galaxy 5000 with a power of 100 KVA and components for production automation: - COMPACT NS250N STR22SE circuit breakers - ATV 31 three-phase frequency converters with a power of 11 kW 500 V. - three-phase converters ATV 31 with a power of 5.5 kW 500 V. - keyboards - pulse position sensors - universal converter cable - multi-turn encoders - cables for the encoder The project has been successfully implemented. As the only major glass manufacturer in Central Asia, Interglass LLC plays a significant role in the development of Kyrgyzstan. For our company, it is important not only to be conscientious in fulfilling our obligations, but also to provide comprehensive assistance in matters of training, consultation and the introduction of new ideas. And we are making every effort in this direction in cooperation with the Interglass Glass Factory.

OJSC Settlement and Savings Company RSK Bank

The Power System Modernization Project is an important initiative aimed at ensuring the reliability and stability of power supply in the banking infrastructure. This project includes several key stages, the purpose of which is to update and optimize the electrical networks. The first stage was the reconfiguration of the existing switchboard, which allowed for improved management and control of the electrical network. This is important to ensure the safety and efficiency of electricity distribution within the bank's office. Next, the installation and automation of a 94 kW SDMO diesel generator set took place at the bank's head office. Diesel generators provide reliable backup power supply in case of failures in the main power grid and have an automatic switching system, which ensures quick and autonomous restoration of energy supply. SDMO gasoline generators with a capacity of 4 kW were also installed in bank branches throughout the country. These generators provide additional energy sources for branches, which improves the reliability of banking operations in various regions. This power system modernization project helps ensure the smooth operation of banking infrastructure by ensuring the stability and reliability of power supply at the bank's head office and branches.

State Enterprise for Air Traffic Services and Control over the Use of Airspace of the Kyrgyz Republic "Aeronavigation"

The Air Traffic Safety Project through the creation of a backup power supply system for radar installations and navigation systems is an important initiative aimed at guaranteeing the continuity of operation of critical facilities in the aviation infrastructure. This project includes a number of key steps to provide an efficient backup power system. First, the supply, installation and commissioning of SDMO generators, manufactured in France, took place in a variety of capacities, including models from 12 kW to 70 kW. These generators are reliable equipment designed to provide a stable power supply even in extreme situations. The installation of these generators at all airports and lighthouses in the republic is of strategic importance for ensuring air traffic safety. In the event of a failure in the main power grid, the backup system can immediately take effect, ensuring uninterrupted operation of radar installations and navigation systems. This is critical to preventing aviation incidents and ensuring safe flights. This project highlights the importance of technical innovation and modern technologies in the field of air traffic safety, ensuring the reliable and stable operation of all components of the aviation infrastructure.


The project to create a backup power supply system for the television company's relay center is a critical step in ensuring the continuity of operation of this important facility in the event of emergencies and outages. The project includes several key components aimed at ensuring the reliability and efficiency of backup power supply. The first stage was the creation of a specialized vandal-proof and all-weather room for the generator that meets the technical requirements established in technical specifications 245-TUKR-2008. This room plays an important role in protecting the generator from external factors and ensuring its performance in various climatic conditions. Then the supply and installation of an SDMO generator from France with a power of 36 kW took place. Placing the generator at a significant distance from the relay center provides an additional level of protection, as it reduces the risk of damage to both facilities in the event of an emergency. It is important to note that the generator has been fully automated to operate independently, which ensures automatic switching on in the event of a power failure. This project is an important step to ensure the smooth operation of the broadcaster's relay center, which in turn guarantees the reliable transmission of information and the maintenance of communications in critical situations.

Megaline Internet provider

The project to modernize the energy supply system with the integration of IT technologies, carried out by NSP LLC, is a modern solution aimed at ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the energy infrastructure. The project included several key stages, starting from the supply of generator sets and uninterruptible power supplies. An important part of this process was the installation and integration of all equipment components into a single system of guaranteed energy supply. NSP LLC engineers showed high professionalism by coordinating the operation of various systems, including generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and information security systems, to ensure continuous power supply in accordance with the Customer's needs. Particular attention was paid to setting up the generator control equipment and uninterruptible power supplies to the required options. This made it possible to accurately control the processes of generation and distribution of electricity, ensuring the stability and safety of the system. As a result, the energy supply system modernization project with the integration of IT technologies, carried out by NSP LLC, helps to increase the reliability and efficiency of the energy infrastructure, which is of great importance for uninterrupted operation key systems and ensuring the stability of business processes.


NSP LLC is an active participant in many tender procurements of organizations, which confirms its important role in the implementation of various projects. NSP has successfully led energy system modernization efforts in a variety of initiatives, including landmark projects such as Global Found, aimed at combating AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. These projects are of great social importance, and NSP made a significant contribution to their successful implementation. One of the key components of these projects was the supply and commissioning of generators and uninterruptible power supplies. This made it possible to ensure reliable power supply for medical institutions involved in the fight against infectious diseases, and thus improve the quality of medical care and help reduce morbidity. NSP has shown high professionalism and responsibility in participating in such complex and important projects, which confirms its reputation as a reliable supplier and integrator of technical solutions. Its participation in the BOMCA/CADAP program and other similar projects suggests that NSP is an important link in strengthening social and economic initiatives on the world stage.

Actel FONEX.

The project to expand the server potential of NSP LLC represents an important event in the development of the organization. To increase operational efficiency and provide a more reliable infrastructure, the company decided to supply and commission new servers manufactured by Fujitsu. Fujitsu is a well-known manufacturer of server equipment with a high reputation in the information technology industry. Their products are distinguished by reliability, performance and innovative solutions, making their servers an ideal choice for a company striving for excellence in its IT infrastructure. The delivery and commissioning process of Fujitsu servers is carried out by professional specialists, ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment. This will allow NSP LLC to significantly increase its computing power, ensuring faster and more stable operation of all server applications and services. Expanding server capacity will allow the company to process data more efficiently, improve information security and provide the highest level of customer service. All this will make NSP LLC more competitive in the market and strengthen its position in the field of information technology.

Uninterruptible power supply for the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

In August 2011, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic announced a tender for the supply of industrial uninterruptible power supplies for the issuance and cash operations department. NSP has the status of an authorized business partner of a leading European UPS manufacturer. This allows us to offer high quality equipment that meets all international standards at the best prices. NSP's bid was declared the winner. In the process of implementing the Agreement, an early delivery of the MGE Galaxy 3500 UPS was carried out. Our company's engineers carried out timely installation of the equipment and put it into operation. This allowed the NBKR to ensure the energy security of a critical division. The MGE Galaxy 3500 model is an original product of the French manufacturer “APC by Schneider Electric” and is quality tested by the standards of the European Union and the Kyrgyz Republic. It is important to note that a special procedure for registering equipment ensures its guaranteed service by certified specialists.