Conference: Key points of efficiency in IT infrastructure. Hitachi Data Systems, Juniper Networks, Audio Codes

The conference, held by NSP on October 8, 2015, is an important event in the world of information technology and data centers. It provided an excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between key players in the industry. The participation of conference partners such as Hitachi Data Systems, Juniper Networks and Audio Codes demonstrates the importance of this event and its relevance to the discussion of modern technologies and strategies in the field of IT infrastructure .The focus on efficiency and security in the operation of data centers reflects the relevance of the topic, as it is a priority for companies involved in data processing. Experts from partners, who acted as speakers, presented the latest advances in technology and shared methods for adapting them to real-world systems and customer needs. The Golden Tulip conference was the ideal venue for such an event, providing a businesslike and informative atmosphere for discussing key issues in the IT and data center field This conference not only contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and experience in the industry, but also strengthened partnerships between companies and highlighted their commitment to providing high levels of quality and security in the IT industry.

Fujitsu quality: maximum capabilities - minimum costs.

Finanskreditbank continues to strengthen its IT infrastructure, and cooperation with NSP LLC, an authorized supplier of IT equipment solutions from Fujitsu, emphasizes the importance of choosing reliable equipment to ensure smooth operation of the bank. Selecting a server solution based on customer needs demonstrates a professional and individual approach that NSP provides to its clients. The project's goal of selecting functional and reliable equipment at minimal cost underscores your efforts in providing effective solutions to the customer. Delivery of "enterprise scale" servers on time and at reasonable prices is an important factor for the customer, as it ensures immediate availability and economic project efficiency. In addition, the customer gained access to prompt and qualified service support, which is a key aspect in maintaining the health of servers and minimizing risks to business continuity. This project highlights your ability to provide complete IT solutions, taking into account the needs of customers, and contributes to the development of your reputation as a reliable partner in the field of IT equipment and services.

GIZ is implementing a project for the Center for Standardization and Metrology at the MEKR.

The project implemented by GIZ for the Center for Standardization and Metrology under the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic (MEKR) represents an important collaboration to improve the infrastructure and ensure the quality of work of this organization. NSP LLC, within the framework of this project, made an important contribution by providing software, computer and server equipment manufactured by Fujitsu for the Center for Standardization and Metrology. This equipment plays a key role in maintaining the operational activity and efficient functioning of the organization. In addition, the service and technical support provided by NSP engineers are an integral part of the successful operation of the equipment. This additional guarantee of uninterrupted operation of equipment contributes to the reliability and efficiency of processes at the Center for Standardization and Metrology. This project demonstrates your ability to provide comprehensive solutions, including equipment supply and technical support, which is important to meet customer needs. We hope that your cooperation with GIZ and MEKR will continue to contribute to the improvement of standards and metrology in the region.

BOSCH technologies: dialogue without interference.

The completion of the "Wireless Congress System" project at the office of the Delegation of the European Union in Bishkek represents a significant achievement for your company, NSP LLC. This project demonstrates your ability to provide high-quality solutions in the field of conference systems and meeting equipment. The project's objective, which was to create a mobile simultaneous interpretation system, demonstrates your ability to develop innovative and customer-responsive solutions. The use of equipment manufactured by BOSCH emphasizes your focus on high quality and reliability. Installation of equipment, consultation and training of Customer employees emphasize your attention to detail and customer support at all stages of the project. Installing a custom mobile interpreter station from J'Pembell demonstrates your commitment to integrating different solutions and equipment to meet your customer's needs. Positive customer feedback and written recommendations to potential clients are an excellent testament to the quality of your work and the professionalism of your team. We hope that this successful implementation of the project will become the basis for long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with your clients and strengthen your position in the market.

NSP specialists continue to improve their competence

Congratulations to engineer Rustam Nyshanov and the entire NSP team for their impressive achievements in the field of training and certification on Fujitsu products. This significant number of certifications across a variety of products and functions demonstrates the depth of knowledge and professionalism of your team. Certification is an important step in ensuring a high level of expertise and demonstrates your commitment to providing the highest level of service and support for Fujitsu products. NSP management is to be commended for supporting and encouraging the professional development of its employees, which helps provide customers with high-quality services and products. We hope that your team will continue to strive for professional excellence and achieve new heights in the field of IT technology and equipment service. These certifications will help you stay ahead in the competitive information technology industry.

Continuing cooperation with the world leader in energy

The signing of an agreement to extend cooperation with such a world leader as Schneider Electric for 2016 is a significant event for Schneider Electric Kazakhstan LLP and NSP LLC. This demonstrates the trust and successful relationship between the two companies. The commercial policy approved by the management of Schneider Electric for distributors in the Kyrgyz Republic plays an important role in the development of cooperation. This means that both parties have clear rules and guidelines for joint activities, which contributes to more efficient work in the market. Cooperation with Schneider Electric allows NSP LLC to have access to advanced technologies and solutions in the field of electrical equipment and automation, which in turn contributes to providing better services and products to customers throughout the Kyrgyz Republic. We hope that this extension of cooperation will bring long-term benefits to both companies and contribute to the development of infrastructure and energy supply in the region.

Pessl Instruments distributors meeting

A representative of NSP, during a visit to the Republic of Austria, attended the annual meeting of Pessl Instruments distributors, whose participants were representatives from 30 countries from all continents of the globe. In addition to the presentation of new products and training on servicing weather stations manufactured by Pessl Instruments, the NSP employee gained extensive experience in using weather stations in the agricultural industry. We also had the opportunity to make short presentations about our company and discuss the prospects for the development of hydrology, irrigation, meteorological forecasting methods, plant protection from crop diseases, protection from pests that adversely affect crop yields in the Kyrgyz Republic. Interesting open discussions with representatives of leading agricultural firms from Turkey, Austria, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Mexico, Argentina, Egypt, Pakistan, the Philippines, Portugal, France, Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia and Moldova, the Netherlands, Georgia made it clear about the priorities and important issues facing our farmers. The use of competitive, modern, effective management methods by agricultural firms in Western countries brings tangible results to the economies of these countries and increases their export potential as a whole. NSP intends to share positive experience and introduce innovative technologies in the development of agriculture, hydropower and the development of emergency prevention services in the Kyrgyz Republic.

BYOD for medium-sized businesses

Blog by Marie Hattar, Cisco Vice President, Enterprise Product and Technology Marketing Do you have complete visibility into who is using your network and what devices are connected to it? Has your company already started implementing the BYOD concept? Allowing employees to access the corporate network through their own devices can improve their productivity and collaboration. In addition, BYOD improves the customer experience and makes them more loyal. According to the Cisco IBSG Horizons study, 63% of IT leaders believe that the number of employee-owned devices on the corporate network will increase over the next two years. And this is not surprising, because many people want to use their own phones and tablets at work. While at the Cisco office, I often use my i-Phone and i-Pad. In doing so, I have found that BYOD truly improves my productivity. Thanks to Cisco's BYOD policy, our IT team is confident that the system remains secure no matter which of my devices is connected to the network. However, many companies have so far refrained from implementing such a policy. A recent study found that 40% of BYOD users haven't set a password on their phones, and two in five don't even use basic security protocols. Therefore, when starting to implement BYOD, you should first of all remember information security. Cisco recognizes the challenges that BYOD poses for midsize businesses. Our principle is simple: companies must be aware of the threats to their information security and of possible attacks through unprotected devices. We understand that mid-market businesses have limited IT talent and may not be able to invest heavily in their systems. And we know that your IT team has to ensure effective device access control to ensure that users don't accidentally leave your network vulnerable. That's why we've made BYOD easy. Now IT can quickly configure wired and wireless network security policies based on users, devices, and locations with just a few clicks. With Cisco's One Network, One Policy, One Management approach, IT now spends less time managing your network and can focus on innovating to grow your business. Recently, one of the largest European radio stations, Radio Max, moved to a new office and implemented the Cisco BYOD solution. Now employees and guests can easily connect their devices to the radio's secure network. “Despite the expansion of Radio Max's staff, which has increased by 10 percent over the past six months, network performance has improved significantly,” says Markus Stangl, technical coordinator and deputy head of technical department. The world is becoming more connected every day. The comprehensive Internet has firmly entered our lives and by 2020 will connect 50 billion material objects. This means more devices, more users, and more risks on your network.

Schneider Electric presented advanced technologies for energy-efficient operation in the oil and gas sector at the KIOGE-2013 exhibition"

Schneider Electric, a global expert in the field of energy management, took part in the 21st International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2013 from October 1 to October 4. “The opportunity to present comprehensive solutions for the country’s oil and gas sector and engineering systems of various classes is very important for Schneider Electric. The development of the direction “Energy efficiency of oil and gas industry enterprises” is one of the priorities for our company. As part of the specialized exhibition, Schneider Electric not only presented its developments, but also spoke about Schneider Electric as a global expert in this industry and found new opportunities for cooperation with other companies,” noted Kairat Aimbekov, segment manager of the Oil and Gas department. At its stand (place 10-215) in the tenth pavilion of the exhibition, Schneider Electric presented Smart Field projects - a solution for increasing production efficiency, reducing mechanical damage and downtime; Pipeline Management is a pipeline management solution that allows you to increase the level of reliability and safety, as well as reduce costs when transporting oil or gas; Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS) is an automated energy management system for oil and gas facilities with support for the IEC 61850 standard and a service offering for enterprises. “The Schneider Electric stand was distinguished by its relevance and unique design. We made it quite informative, where visitors to the exhibition received the maximum understanding of our company’s core products, the possibility of their use in the oil and gas sector and the organization of oil and gas infrastructure,” emphasized Kairat Aimbekov.

A Schneider Electric research center will open in Skolkovo

The Skolkovo Foundation and Schneider Electric signed a cooperation agreement in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Skolkovo Foundation and Schneider Electric, one of the world leaders in the field of energy management, signed today an agreement to create an R&D center in the energy-efficient Eco-Office building in the Skolkovo innovation city. The document was signed by the President of the Skolkovo Foundation, Viktor Vekselberg, and the Executive Vice President, Head of the Energy business unit of Schneider Electric, Frederic Abbal. The signing ceremony took place at the innovation center before a meeting of the Skolkovo Foundation Board of Trustees in the presence of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. The activities of the Schneider Electric R&D center will be aimed at creating improved power distribution control systems for electrical networks, developing control systems for autonomous generators and pipelines for various purposes, adapting Schneider Electric solutions for Russian conditions, etc. It is expected that by 2017 the number of personnel at the center will reach 100 Human. Schneider Electric has unique international experience and a large number of developments in the field of creating smart electrical networks. The company has a distributed network of competence centers in the field of Smart Grid, and the R&D center in Skolkovo will become an important point on the global map of Schneider Electric R&D activities. Schneider Electric is already implementing a number of pilot projects to implement Smart Grid in Russian regions. In the Eco-office project on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation city, Schneider Electric is implementing all of its most advanced solutions in the field of energy efficiency, as well as the concept of integrated energy management. All engineering systems of the building will be combined into a single intelligent control system, which will allow monitoring energy consumption over various periods of time and making an analytical assessment of consumption. This will allow optimizing the operation of systems and carrying out targeted measures to improve the energy efficiency of the building, taking into account analytics and changes in operating conditions. It is planned that these solutions will allow the Eco-Office

Partnership with SDMO

The partnership between NSP LLC and the French company SDMO Industries is a striking example of successful cooperation in the global generator set market. SDMO Industries, as a global leader in this industry, recognizes the active promotion of products and the commitment to implementing European quality and safety standards demonstrated by NSP LLC in the Kyrgyz market. Electric generators provided by SDMO Industries have proven to be indispensable for many customers in Kyrgyzstan. Not only have they helped businesses avoid costly downtime and financial losses, but in some cases they have literally saved lives. Electricity plays a critical role in various walks of life, including medicine, and it is important to have reliable generators that can provide continuous operation in case of failures. The partnership between NSP LLC and SDMO Industries is mutually beneficial and highly valued by both companies. This cooperation contributes to the development of infrastructure and provision of reliable energy in Kyrgyzstan, and also allows us to continue to reduce risks for business and ensure the safety of the population. We are confident that this partnership will continue to develop successfully and bring benefits to both parties in the future.