About the company "NSP"

The NSP company was founded in 2003 as a software development company. In 2008, having successful experience in managing and implementing projects in the Kyrgyz market, the company underwent re-registration and received its current name NSP (Network/Servers/Power). The main activities of the NSP company are reflected in its name - Network technologies/Servers and data storage systems/Guaranteed energy-saving systems.


Guaranteed energy-saving systems are presented in several areas at once.

Electrical equipment and cable support systems.

Long-term cooperation with the leader in the production of electrical equipment, Schneider Electric Corporation, has allowed our company to achieve one of its main goals: to make energy safe, reliable, efficient and productive. NSP offers products in the field of industrial automation, power distribution, electrical installation systems, cable management systems and control systems.

Compliance with all safety standards and strict compliance with all European standards allows you not only to operate Schneider Electric electrical equipment for a long time and successfully, but to significantly reduce the costs of the “final cost of ownership” of this equipment.

In addition, Schneider Electric widely represents Pelco security systems and television surveillance systems in its product line. Currently, NSP is conducting several projects in this area, which are planned to be completed in the period 2012-2013. As part of these projects, NSP specialists underwent training and professional development at the European Pelco training center, which will allow us to provide the maximum level of service and support to all our Customers.

Generator sets

This direction is represented by portable devices and stationary stations from the French manufacturer SDMO. Our company has the status of an official representative in Central Asia. SDMO generator sets are designed for operation in difficult conditions. That is why they are successfully used by our Customers to solve such problems as providing guaranteed power supply to premises, industrial buildings, complex medical and veterinary equipment in high altitude and low temperature conditions. The qualifications of our specialists allow our company to install and commission a completely finished power supply system with a diesel generator set integrated into it.

Pump equipment

Pumping equipment for heating, water supply, fire extinguishing, drainage, air conditioning and cooling systems, which is used in buildings and structures for any purpose, as well as in public utilities, industry and private homes. In this direction, we cooperate with such a European manufacturer as Willo. Our specialists have experience in installing pumping equipment in urban and rural areas.

Uninterruptible power supplies guarantee the safety of your data and critical equipment. Our company offers a wide range of products from APC by Schneider Electric for desktop PCs, workstations, servers and storage systems, for medium and large data centers, as well as for industrial and manufacturing needs. Our engineers regularly undergo advanced training courses. The rich experience accumulated by our company in this area allows us not only to implement UPS into the Customer’s industrial and IT structures, but also to provide consulting services on design, personnel training, maintenance and audit of existing systems, and sometimes simply support the Customer with the necessary information.

Another area of NSP activity is related to partnerships with BOSCH. Competence and experience allows us to represent the entire line of BOSCH products: solar energy, system integration of building technologies, boiler equipment, power tools, security and warning systems, mobile discussion systems.


Unified Communications is more than just a phone system. This is a unified system of end devices and software applications that combines the capabilities of cellular, landline phones and work terminals for transmitting data, video and voice. Unified communications provide enhanced opportunities for collaboration in real time, regardless of the distance of partners or employees from each other. As an official certified partner of 3CX, our company provides high-quality services for the implementation of an IP telephone system (VoIP) of any complexity.

Network equipment is a platform for organizing a unified working environment that allows you to combine actuators, tracking systems, control sensors and workstations. In this direction, we closely cooperate with well-known global manufacturers CISCO, 3CX, Avaya, Polycom, etc. An intelligent building is a Building Management System (office, residential building or apartment, production or industrial premises, livestock or greenhouse farm, etc. ). The owner of such a building does not waste time monitoring the operation of engineering equipment. This function is performed by automated control systems. They will not only turn on, turn off and adjust the operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and power supply systems, but will also inform the operator about possible problems with the systems and remind them of the need for routine maintenance. In the event of an emergency, they will activate the necessary equipment and notify building occupants of the routes and methods of evacuation.


Centers for processing, managing, storing and protecting data, documents, catalogs, etc. - This is a key link in every organization and enterprise. The basis of such solutions is the principles of performance, scalability, functionality, dynamism and economic benefit.

In this direction, we closely cooperate with well-known global manufacturers of computer and server equipment, devices for rapid data collection and processing. Such as ORACLE (Sun Microsystems), Fujitsu, Motorola.

The development and implementation of VIRTUALIZATION and document management systems allows our Customers to reduce operating costs and additional purchases of equipment in the IT department, and effectively maintain warehouse and inventory records.


Focusing on the competence of its employees, NSP systematically trains them at manufacturing plants and distribution platforms in Moscow, Almaty, France, Belgium, and Germany. This is confirmed by relevant certificates. Our Customers have qualified engineers at their disposal who are ready to implement any technical solution on a turnkey basis.


In its work, NSP uses a systematic and individual approach to designing solutions for each Customer. We offer original equipment, reasonable prices, quality service, professional consulting, staff training and most importantly - PARTNERSHIP.

We cooperate only with trusted vendors, which ensures:
- Гарантию качества продукции.
- Product quality guarantee.
- Providing warranty and post-warranty service.
- Timely and comprehensive consultations.
- Wide range of products.
- Individual approach.
- Professional service.


The NSP company has a spare parts warehouse, which allows for warranty service of equipment in a short time.


NSP's broad range of interests allows us to meet the needs of our clients in both the public and private sectors.

We create favorable intellectual and technical conditions for the successful activities and development of the Customer!