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Schneider ElectricThe long term cooperation with the world leader in production of power distribution - Shcneider Electric, has enable NSP company to become a leader in the Kyrgyz market.

The change in our world is more profound than ever, driven by a new scale and speed of urbanization, digitization, and industrialization. New technologies, enabling for the first time distributed and connected energy, challenge us to redefine the way we live.

We believe access to energy is a basic human right. We want everyone on our planet to have access to reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable energy. At Schneider Electric, we are committed to innovate solutions that address this energy paradox, balancing our planet’s carbon footprint and supporting the undisputable right of everyone to quality energy.

We invent technologies that will transform the places where we live, work, and play. With our ingenious design philosophy, we deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly to our environment, supporting the rhythm of our lives, empowering people to do more with less.

As the global leader in energy management and automation, we provide connected technologies that will reshape industries, transform cities, and enrich lives.

At Schneider Electric, we call this Life Is On.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Schneider Electric

Reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable ecosystems
With our 180-year corporate commitment, we have developed world-leading capabilities to manage the full life cycle of our customers’ energy and industrial needs.

Today, 170,000 Schneider Electric employees apply their expertise in energy management and automation, delivering innovative solutions for our customers in more than 100 countries. Our rich and integrated portfolio combines with a strong and broad global footprint, ensuring a best-in-class customer experience.

We are committed to transformative solutions that provide connectivity, sustainability, efficiency, reliability, and safety while dramatically reducing power consumption. Less becomes more.

Virtually all of our products will soon contain system-on-a-chip technologies, from wall sockets to circuit breakers enabling more comfortable living spaces, to defining the future of connected industrial technologies. We believe access to energy is a basic human right. We are passionate about delivering access to reliable, safe, affordable, clean energy to everyone. We believe that energy accessibility is a core catalyst to lift people out of poverty and enrich lives.

Through our sustainability programme, we have trained more than 400,000 people in 26 countries through online and offline forums. We are proud to share that, to date, our Access to Energy Programme efforts have connected 2.4 million people to previously unavailable power sources.

Collectively, we can do more while using less. Critical facilities can better manage rapidly increasing demands, both locally and remotely. We can be more reliable, safe, secure, green, and efficient.

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