Intelligent house

Intelligent house
NSP company engineers have been trained for planning, designing, installation and servicing of the home automation systems. The engineers have been trained in Belgium, Moscow and Perm. We offer multiple solutions, but would like to describe the concept of home automation based on Domintell solutions (c).
The Home automation Domintell is friendly,flexible and easy to configure

What are the main characteristics of its technology.

Domintell is a bus system,an industrial communication system,very reliable,utilised,for instance,in thousands of factories and airports whole over the world .

All the inputs modules,those who execute a command, are linked together with only one cable. The cabling is made much more easy as in a classical electrical installation.All power lines circuits go straight to the electrical cabinet .The bus is a RS485,world wide standardized under the name EIA485 (EIA=Electrical Industry Association) and since 2011 under the name TIA485 (TIA Telecomunication Industry Association). This bus is maintained by TIA and new more performant components regularly appears by big manufacturers of semi-conductors such as Texas Instruments or Anolog Devices .

After validation those components are used in our production .

Domintell is an upgradeable system,at any time new extensions are possible on existing installations .

It is also a complete integrated system which means that all entries may potentially control all outputs.With Domintell there are not,for instance,special buttons (being a must) to control shutters or audio .The same button may control today a shutter,tomorrow the lighting and the day after the garage door. Domintell integrates,standardly an astronomic clock that allows it to know the hours of raising and going down of the sun and to react in function.

Domintell is a really open system,interfaces RS232, USB and Ethernet are available for third developers with all needed necessary documentation to develop control applications .

Last but not least Domintell can be configured by the users,if he wishes so, The configuration software is free of charge . The most complex scenario 's are possible and the use is so simple as « drag and drop » .

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