16-12-2015, 12:15

UNDPBeing the main donor for the social projects UNDP has announced several tenders for the generators for different entities in Kyrgyzstan. Such projects include, but not limited to: Global Found - AIDS project, BOMCA/CADAP - drug trafficking project, Tuberculous control project, Environment protection project, Conflict resolution project, Accidents control project and many other. By being a leader in the market, and proving to be the best service provider in the country, NSP company has been awarded several contracts for the supply, installation, training and modernization of the existing power supply systems. All of these project have been completed at a required level. All of them contributed to a better living of the local people.


Megaline Internet provider

16-12-2015, 12:06

Megaline Internet providerNobody wants to be disconnected from internet while watching favorite clips, talking to a distant beloved ones, playing the best online games etc. Megaline was tasked to avoid such cases. To do so, Megaline modernized the electricity supply system of the main IXP. NSP engineers, after examining the premises and existing equipment, had selected the best matching diesel generator. They have installed the generator and integrated it with the existing UPSs. The junction Mains - Generator - UPS - Load worked perfectly. All necessary adjusts were made. We are glad we have contributed to many happy times of the people in Bishkek city.



16-12-2015, 12:00

ALA TVALA TV is a pioneer in cable TV market. In the period of constant power shortages, to make sure, people are enjoying favorite TV shows, the management of ALA TV has ordered a diesel generator for the broadcasting center. The main feature of this project was the distance from the load to the place of generator installation. The power and signal cables had to pass numerous buildings, partially suspended in the air, installed through the studios with real time shows and without interruption. Another feature of this project, is that the generator had to be installed in a self made super silent container, with automatic fire sensors, heating system, and independent illumination.

The project has been successfully commissioned and NSP has marked another satisfied client to its list of projects..


State owned enterprise KyrgyzAeroNavigaciya

16-12-2015, 11:51

State owned enterprise KyrgyzAeroNavigaciyaKyrgyzAeroNavigaciya is a front end enterprise assuring the safety of air transportation. Multiple radar stations provide vivid information about air traffic above the whole country. Single mistake or power related black out may result in catastrophic event. To reassure normal operation of the radar net, the enterprise, through international tender, awarded several contracts for the supply and installation of SDMO Diesel generators. The generators vary in powers from 12 kWe to 70 kWe.

We can proudly inform, that our solutions work perfectly and benefit to the safety of air travelers.


RSK Bank

16-12-2015, 11:44

RSK BankGoing through a competitive tender process, NSP company has been awarded several contract for the supply and instillation of the generators from 4 to 100 kW in branches and main offices of RSK Bank. The project had a nation wide importance, since it enabled the stable communication between the branch servers and main office. The RSK Bank is a state owned bank serving as a main blood vein system of interstate transactions. RSK Bank is the unique bank with the widest branch system.

NSP company is proud to be a part of a society oriented project.


UPS and automation at Interglass - glass factory

16-12-2015, 11:34

UPS and automation at Interglass - glass factoryThe glass factory "Interglass" is a modern factory producing high quality glass products. "The main target of the factory is to satisfy the demand for sheet glass in central Asia and Siberia, and open new market in the region" - Interglass.
To reach such target, starting from 2002, the factory constantly modernizing the existing infrastructure, assuring uninterrupted production process.

In 2011, funded by EBRD, the factory announced a tender for the supply and installation of UPS and automation of the production.


Power generators for Veterinary center of the KR

15-12-2015, 13:08

Power generators for Veterinary center of the KRIn 2011, an international tender, funded by the World Bank, has be announced by the Veterinary Center of the KR. The local focal point was the Ministry of Agriculture of the KR.

Due to the constant power shortages, the veterinary stations suffered essential losses of vaccines, which would be reserved in refrigerators. Resolutions of this issue was crucial. The project has been designed to provide a guaranteed power supply to the refrigerators of the stations.


ILS system in Manas International Airport

15-12-2015, 12:10

ILS system in Manas International AirportAnother successful project has been finished with the participation of APC by Schneider Electric and local partner NSP company in Manas International Airport. The project goal was to upgrade the existing power supply system to a new level.
Main advantages of APC in this project - standard solution, standard design and presence of a local service center in KR.

ILS system in Manas International AirportDuring the project implementation the best matching equipemtn has been selected, fully corresponding to the needs of the client. Thus; APC by Schneider Electric MGE Galaxy 3500 10 kVa to 40 kVa was selected. The system required 22 units of such cells. These cells were used for regulation of the light brightness on a runway.


HYATT project

14-12-2015, 13:49

HYATT projectNSP company has been selected through highly competitive international bidding for the supply, installation and servicing of the generator to 4 star hotel - HYATT Regency Bishkek.

The project included design, supply, installation and start up of 1540 kVa generating set - produce of SDMO Industries, France. The generating set had to be supplied in a factory made ISO20 upgrade container. Civil works included preparation of the concrete pad, burying of 10 ton fuel tank under the ground with piping, and coupling into the existing grid, using the cable decks by OBBO Betterman, GErmany.


One of the success stories: Gazprom Neft Asia

17-11-2015, 10:53

One of the success stories: Gazprom Neft Asia
Going through highly competitive tender process NSP company has been selected as a main supplier of the diesel electric generators for Gazprom Neft Asia's fuels stations around the republic. The aim of the project was to guarantee the normal operation of the gas stations during the period of frequent power shortages. Being the partner of highly reliable generators by SDMO Industries, having experience in supply and service, NSP company was contracted to implement this project.




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