HYATT project

HYATT projectNSP company has been selected through highly competitive international bidding for the supply, installation and servicing of the generator to 4 star hotel - HYATT Regency Bishkek.

The project included design, supply, installation and start up of 1540 kVa generating set - produce of SDMO Industries, France. The generating set had to be supplied in a factory made ISO20 upgrade container. Civil works included preparation of the concrete pad, burying of 10 ton fuel tank under the ground with piping, and coupling into the existing grid, using the cable decks by OBBO Betterman, GErmany.

This generator was a vivid part of power supply system for HYATT hotel.

In times of constant power black outs, this project was the best solution for provide the world known high quality service to the clients of the hotel. .

According to the chief engineer of the Hotel Mr. Clinton Desanayaki - «We make a history rated in one megawatt ». Such big power generator was installed in Kyrgyzstan for the first time..

The genset fully covers the load needs of the hotel and is supplied with options of residential area silencer, all weatherproof container and highly efficient.

As an extension of this project, NSP company was assigned to fulfill the project of substation upgrade. According to this project, NSP company has supplied, installed and commissioned a fully automated cell Masterpact NW, which conjuncts, controls and monitors two main grids of 3200 А and 1600 А in power, and two lines from two different generators. The cell is a produce of Schneider Electric, France.

Using controllers TWIDO, NSP company has automated the entire power supply system of HYATT hotel. Thank to this solution, HYATT Regency Bishkek has made it a pleasant stay for all guests, as always.

NSP company offers a wide variety of power supply solutions, best matching the needs of the client.
We highly value the notion of our client to implement high standards in hotel business!

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