Power generators for Veterinary center of the KR

Power generators for Veterinary center of the KRIn 2011, an international tender, funded by the World Bank, has be announced by the Veterinary Center of the KR. The local focal point was the Ministry of Agriculture of the KR.

Due to the constant power shortages, the veterinary stations suffered essential losses of vaccines, which would be reserved in refrigerators. Resolutions of this issue was crucial. The project has been designed to provide a guaranteed power supply to the refrigerators of the stations.

Keeping in mind the urgency of the issue, NSP company together with SDMO Industries has proposed special generating sets:
- usage in a heavy duty conditions;
- reactive power compensation;
- easy and userfriendly operation.

Power generators for Veterinary center of the KROur offer has been selected as a best ratio of price/quality. In December 2011, the project has been concluded. 60 units of 10 kWe portable gensets have been distributed and installed in each an every veterinary station. The local personnel has been properly trained. The main veterinary office has been equipped with stationary genset for 66 kVa.

Within this project, Fujitsu servers have been supplied and tested at Bird flue and pandemic readiness center.

NSP company is eager to assist in any project hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, designed to develop, strengthen and improve the agriculture, veterinary, and live stock herding sector. Successful implementation of such projects make a positive input into Kyrgyz economy.

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